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Right now, I’m reading…

In His Eyes by Larry Benjamin



“When you boys fall in love, fall in love with his smile – because his smile will never age or change – and his eyes because in his eyes, you will always see the truth.” That advice launches two young men on the journey to adulthood.

Told in 139 “vignettes,” each dedicated to a single event, this is the story of four young men who meet in college, and follows them for more than two decades as they navigate the landscape of modern gay life.

Often playful and imaginative, but firmly grounded in the reality of gay men living in a perplexing, often hostile world, In His Eyes takes us on a journey with these men as they mature and fall in love, and struggle to maintain relationships among petty disappointments and broken dreams, while navigating the rough terrain of acceptance both internal and external.

As they break apart and come together, wound and heal, we are left to ask ourselves: does love ever really die, or is it just reborn in another time and place?

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My Thoughts So Far

I haven’t actually started reading this yet, but can’t wait to dive in. It’s clear from the blurb that this will be a highly original read, and having enjoyed this author’s previous novel Unbroken so much, I have no doubt that this one will be equally captivating.

I’d love to hear what you’re reading, so do let me know in the comments, and copy the link to your IMWAYR post if you have one.