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Right now, I’m reading…

The Making of Us by Debbie McGowan



When English Lit. student Jesse Thomas meets Leigh Hunter, he has to reconsider a few assumptions he’s made about himself.

Two years ago, Jesse joined Pride – the uni’s LGBT+ society – to support best friend Noah, and Noah’s boyfriend, Matty. As a straight, cismale ally, Jesse keeps a low profile – not difficult for someone as shy and body-conscious as he is.

Leigh Hunter is Noah and Matty’s new housemate. Born with a life-threatening congenital condition, Leigh is intersex and identifies as queer – none of which alters Jesse’s conviction that they are the most beautiful person in the world.

While Jesse and Leigh get to know each other, a new academic year begins in earnest, bringing with it the usual challenge of balancing work and play. Add in a week’s holiday in Cornwall that Jesse and Leigh half-wish they hadn’t agreed to, Jesse’s unplanned involvement in the election of Pride’s new officers, and some big decisions for Noah and Matty, it’s going to be an interesting semester all round.

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My Thoughts So Far

I’m absolutely loving this book so far, which is no surprise at all, since I’m a huge fan of this author’s work. Debbie has a warmth and humour to her style that never fails to draw me in and sweep me along. I’ve already grown to know and love some of these characters in earlier stories, and I’m thoroughly enjoying reconnecting with them, as well as learning more about others who previously only played cameo roles.

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