Official Author Bio


Born in 1982, Jamie Deacon lives close to the River Thames in Berkshire, England, and is a full-time author of young adult fiction featuring characters across the gender and sexuality spectrums. When not writing, Jamie loves to read, play board games, and solve cryptic crosswords.

Jamie’s debut novel, Caught Inside, was published by Beaten Track in 2016 to much acclaim, including two Rainbow Awards. It was also nominated for a Lambda Literary (Lammy) Award, a Bisexual Book Award, and a Next Generation Indie Book Award.

More About Me

In a Nutshell: non-binary (they/them/their), sapiosexual, social introvert, generally easy-going, redhead, devourer of books, amateur melodica player, abysmal dancer, scrabble master, Chronic Fatigue sufferer, expert procrastinator, slave to all things sweet and edible.

My Favourite Authors: Rainbow Rowell, Adam Silvera, Becky Albertalli, Benjamin Allire Saenz, Alice Oseman, Leigh Bardugo, Bill Konigsberg, Jenny Niven, John Green, Cat Clarke.

Things I Love: books (goes without saying), dogs, fluffy blankets, tea (black, no sugar if you’re making), Trivial Pursuit, the sound of the sea, any comedy written by John Finnemore (total genius), having my feet massaged, the scent of freshly-mown grass, laughing until my stomach hurts, Indian food, my Rubik’s Cube, riding in the car with the windows down, baggy sweatshirts, gin and tonic, sitting in the shade on a hot day, TV quiz shows, treacle sponge and custard.

Things I Loathe: intolerance or discrimination of any kind, olives, feeling cold, large gatherings, animal cruelty, making small talk, smart clothes, air travel, doing the hoovering, phone conversations with strangers, heights, bad grammar, road noise, wasps, the smell of smoked haddock, uncomfortable shoes, enclosed spaces.